miercuri, 22 aprilie 2015

A very good job for any girl

            If you're a girl and you're looking for a way to make quick money clearly need to start doing erotic massage. Erotic masseuse is a job that any girl who has no inhibitions and that looks good it can get very easy and can even earn good money without taking into account whether or not you experience. The most important thing and that is taken into account physical appearance should not be 90-60-90 ... but no scales to give the head.
             Usually all erotic massage parlors, girls are paid 50% of revenues, given that the cheapest massage a session cost at least £ 100. So a girl win £ 50 / session, and if it has 9 times per day even win 100 euros.
             As Romania is the only country where the minimum wage has jumped considerably from 200 euros, a girl from a massage parlor earn a minimum wage in 2, 3 days of work ...
             Seems to be a good job ... right? only girls from Romania are full of inhibitions and prefer to work in call centers in the 250-300 euros per month.

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